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About Diabetes from Perinatal Associates

Lisa Emond, Nurse Practitioner/Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist has more than thirteen years’ experience in the field of Maternal Fetal Medicine. Prior to MFM, she had a decade of experience working in the labor and delivery department.    She has specialty training in the management of gestational diabetes and can provide care to patients in our newly established diabetes in pregnancy center.  Services include: 

  • Nutritional consultation and diet management in pregnancy 
  • Clinical Diabetic education and consultation 
  • Education on the use of glucometer and glycemic target goals according to ACOG guidelines 
  • Weekly evaluation via e-mail, Telehealth and face-to-face consultations  
  • Management of both oral hypoglycemic medications and Insulin initiation, if needed  

She will be collaborating with Dr. Langer to ensure that your patients are receiving exceptional care.  She will be providing consultative services such as: 

  • Preconception consultation for a wide variety of clinical indications 
  • Consultation for both acute and chronic maternal illness in pregnancy. Common indications include types 1 and type II diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease, and poor obstetric history 
  • Serum screening for fetal aneuploidy including dating scans and nuchal translucency  
  • Fetal surveillance including fetal growth, biophysical profile and non-stress testing